Company Overview

GeorgeCo’s entrepreneurial roots date back to 1950 when its founding chairman, Michael George, grew a single milk delivery route into one of the largest privately owned dairy product manufacturers in the United States. Today, the company’s diverse portfolio of businesses share common characteristics across a variety of industries, including food manufacturing, chemical manufacturing, third-party logistics, parking facility management and commercial real estate. A hands-on approach to ownership give each company under GeorgeCo’s umbrella access to its experienced managers and consolidated operations.

Areas of Focus

As a single-family office, GeorgeCo manages a permanent capital base allowing it to focus efforts on long-term time horizons with flexible investment criteria. Because of its hands-on approach to ownership, GeorgeCo prefers private sector transactions where it can assume a controlling interest in the following categories:


GeorgeCo’s real estate investment strategy is focused on acquiring retail, office, industrial and other types of commercial property in the United States. Our team employs extensive real estate and financial backgrounds allowing us to evaluate and execute quickly on opportunities. We seek to own and operate but are willing to consider favorably positioned partners.


GeorgeCo is deeply rooted in food manufacturing and distribution; but despite its food pedigree, GeorgeCo’s manufacturing interests span a plethora of industries. Our goal is to acquire companies with a strong management core and competitively advantaged product offering that can benefit from streamlined operations to improve top line performance—including cap ex to modernize production—and/or back office restructuring to support bottom line growth.


Our technology emphasis is on companies, products, or systems with a sustainable competitive advantage derived from proprietary processes or products across a variety of industries. GeorgeCo has extensive expertise in valuation and development of intellectual property and favors early-to-mid stage companies or technologies in mature industries, but will also consider value propositions with high-growth potential.


GeorgeCo’s team has considerable experience providing third party logistics (3PL) for Fortune 500 companies in a variety of geographical regions. With expertise in warehousing, staffing, operations and real-estate selection and development, our veteran professionals are equipped to enhance the value of current and future supply chain management transactions.


  1. August 2022

    Pioneer develops new club store offering of its Mini Bone-in Pig Wing and Mini Boneless Pig Wing. Product will be available in Sam’s Club.

  2. July 2022

    24,500 sq. ft. medical building purchased in Auburn Hills.

  3. February 2022

    Pioneer Meats develops two new additions to the Pig Wing family. The Big Wing and a Mini Boneless Pig Wing.

  4. November 18, 2022

    Bakehouse Foods Operation & the Real Estate was sold to Rich Products Corporation for an undisclosed amount.

  5. 2021

    Pioneer Meats launches a new product, Ground Bacon. Available in a 2oz Breakfast Patty and 2.7oz or 5.3oz Burger Patty.

  6. 2021

    Bakehouse Foods gets certified as a SQF Level 2 Facility.

  7. 2020

    Pig Wings are now available in Select Midwest & Northeast Regional Stores of Costco for a limited time while supplies last.

  8. 2020

    Bakehouse Foods launches 3 new Gluten-Free pizza crusts. Original, Cauliflower & Broccoli

  9. 2020

    Construction begins for our 3rd Goldfish location in Gaithersburg, Maryland.

  10. 2019

    Bakehouse Foods starts production on Gluten-Free pizza crusts and starts selling nationally.

  11. 2019

    Goldfish in Rockville, Maryland opens for our second Swim School Location.

  12. 2018

    Bakehouse Foods is formed, and acquires a 55,000 sq ft frozen and dry warehouse in Dearborn, MI to start a new Gluten-Free production line of items.

  13. 2018

    George family donates Bouvier Bridge Marina through a charity to help veterans.

  14. June 2018

    Ground breaking in Centereach NY for our first Goldfish Swim School location.

  15. December 2017

    George purchases the 68,000 sq. ft. refrigerated warehouse in Houston, TX operated by Champion Wholesale.

  16. July 2016

    George purchases 915 E. Maple, Birmingham MI and converts it their new corporate offices.

  17. December 2015

    Purchased 8000 sq. ft. office building at 925/975 E. Maple Rd in Birmingham, MI.

  18. March 2009

    Six Degrees Magazine is acquired by 944 Media, LLC for an undisclosed amount

  19. March 2009

    ServFresh is created to sell pre-packaged meat party trays.

  20. 2006

    Pioneer Snacks is sold to Jerky Snack Brands for an undisclosed amount.

  21. January 2006

    110,000 multi-temp (Frozen, Refrigerated, Dry) warehouse is purchased in Taylor Michigan.

  22. 2005

    George starts Six Degrees Magazine with distribution in Detroit, Miami, Atlanta and Las Vegas. Michael George II appointed President.

  23. July 2004

    UrthTech is formed.

  24. June 2003

    Melody Farms & Stroh’s was acquired by Deans Foods (NYSE: DF) for an undisclosed amount.

  25. January 2003

    Pioneer Meats was formed and Robert George Sr. is appointed President.

  26. 2003

    After the sale of Melody Farms, George Enterprises is formed,. Owned by Michael George and his six sons.

  27. February 1999

    Melody Farms acquires Stroh’s Ice Cream Co. which included a manufacturing facility and a 60,000- sq. ft. cold-storage warehouse.

  28. 1996

    Rodney George is appointed President of Melody Farms.

  29. February 1995

    Champion Wholesale Foods started in Houston, TX providing services to the grocery industry.

  30. 1993

    Meat processing plant was purchased in Mankato Minnesota. Pioneer Snacks operated out of two facilities. The plant was approximately 30,000 sq. ft. and the warehouse was 20,000 sq. ft.

  31. July 1989

    Bouvier Bridge Marina was formed, operating a 156-slip marina on Lake St. Claire.

  32. September 1988

    George family announces construction on Port Atwater Parking Deck at the Renaissance center.

  33. 1986

    1986 Pioneer Snacks is formed, managed by Robert George and creates Beef Jerky in a variety of flavors.

  34. 1984

    All brands are consolidated under the “Melody Farms” label and sales volume exceeded 100 million which made Melody became one of the largest and most progressive independently owned dairy companies in the Midwest.

  35. 1983

    The George Family purchased Wilson Dairy. This was a major step for Melody in that our sales were doubled and our customer based broadened due to the large volume of Wilson’s institutional business.

  36. December 1982

    Lansing Dairy Inc. Was formed to manage the Sealtest Operation. The purchase included a production and multiple distribution facilities.

  37. 1982

    Kraft Inc, made a decision to exit the fluid dairy business in Michigan, Melody acquired their Sealtest operation for the entire state of Michigan.

  38. 1975

    The Melody Farms Brand was born.

  39. Late 1962

    Melody Dairy Company acquired Twin Pines Distributorship with five routes owned by Harry Rustum. This included the wholesale accounts of Sterling Ice Cream Company.

  40. April 1962

    Tom George & Sons Dairy Distributors was incorporated, and the company was known as Melody Distributing Company aka Melody Dairy Company.

  41. July 1950

    Michael George founded Tom George & Sons Dairy with his brother Sharkey George with a capital investment of $412, a coffee table and a 1939 Dodge Milk Truck which was driven by Michael George himself.


Michael George (December 20, 1932 – June 24, 2014) was one of the most recognized businessmen in Michigan. As the co-founder of Melody Farms Dairy Company in 1950, he became a Midwestern legend in the dairy industry, and the diversity of his interests has set a new paradigm for business on the local and national scale in the world of business. He was the archetypal businessman, philanthropist and a contributing icon of Detroit. Michael George’s influence extends beyond the dairy business. He was a fixture in the Chaldean community, including pioneering programs to advance in the aid and settlement of Iraqi Christian refugees as former Chairman of the Chaldean Federation of America (CFA). He was also one of the founders of Shenandoah Banquet, Golf, Community and Conference Center, a club designed as a perfect expression of his culture mixed with modern convenience; and helped form the Bank of Michigan, established as a community bank for just that, helping the community. This commitment to excellent business practice has been passed down to his six sons, who now champion GeorgeCo, its various subsidiaries and management. Remember Michael J. George