Michael George Receives The Ellis Island Medal of Honor

mjgellisislandFriday June 15, 2001

On Saturday, May 12, 2001, another remarkable, but not surprising event occurred in the life of Michael J. George: The Ellis Island Medal of Honor was deservedly bestowed upon him. He was recognized for his outstanding service and achievements as an American of Chaldean heritage. As most people know, Mike George truly lives his life dedicated to the American way while preserving the core values of the Chaldean culture. He was able to raise his family and start his business in the land of the free while never forgetting the people who were not blessed with the same opportunity.

Over 10,000 people were nominated for this award and only 100 throughout the entire country were chosen. In typical Mike George fashion, he told no one of this honor and simply traveled to Ellis Island with his lovely wife Najat. Although unencumbered by bundled possessions, and the harrowing memory of his father’s transatlantic journey, he retraced the steps of his parents and the many immigrant families who approached America’s “front doors to freedom.”